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5 Tips for Making Amazing BBQ with Barque

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Barbeque is a hallowed culinary tradition. It’s a labour intensive exercise in patience and persistence, that ultimately (hopefully) reaps major reward. In anticipation of our smoking hot U-Feast Get Your Meat On! BBQ experience at Barque Butcher Bar on May 24th, we sat down with a few of our friends at Barque to get their tips for making amazing BBQ.

Barque Smokehouse

Kitchen Manager Roddie MacKay slicing up some of that famous Barque brisket

 5-tips for making amazing BBQ 

The Barque Crew says:

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. Creativity
  4. A nice wood to smoke
  5. Good meat – start with your favourite cut and go from there.

Matthew Hunt-FoleySous Chef, Barque Events says:

  1. Keep a personal cooking journal until you get the results you’re looking for. There are so many variables in BBQ so it’s best to take note of all of the elements that can affect your results. Make sure to write down all of the variables involved in your process like your cooking times and temperatures as well as what you used for your rub or sauce. Once you have the results you’re looking for on an item make sure you transition your findings from your personal cooking journal to your master cookbook.
  2. Having equal distributions of rubs and sauce on your proteins is critical for BBQ. The best approach is starting off lighter than expected and gradually increasing until you find the results you’re looking for
  3. Your protein doesn’t appreciate being touched too much. In BBQ, a “Rub” is more of an organized dusting of food. Try to avoid over touching your meats, especially when rubbed.
  1. Beware of the sugar content in your rubs and sauces. When sugars are heated up they not only bind together and solidify but can very quickly burn leaving you with a heavily crusted tough exterior. The best results tend to come from saucing your meats with a third of your cooking time remaining.
  1. The most important aspect of BBQ is having patience. BBQ is all about finding that perfect balance between time and heat. The rewards of finding that balance are endless.
Barque Toronto

“The most important aspect of BBQ is having patience. BBQ is all about finding that perfect balance between time and heat.”

Quickfire Questions:

1- Favourite part of the BBQ process?

The Barque Crew, Chef Matthew & Casey Anderson (General Manager, Barque Smokehouse and Barque Butcher Bar): Eating, and watching people eat. Seeing guests enjoy our food is what keeps us all going. Beyond that; experimenting and developing rubs and sauces with new and interesting flavour profiles is always a great experience.

Roddie MacKay (Kitchen Manager, Barque): Success after a long cook! Seeing the combination of time and low heat work its magic on what otherwise might be a tough cut of meat. Opening up a smoker in the morning to see yesterday’s work come to fruition is always a satisfying feeling.

2- Favourite meat to smoke?

The Barque Crew: Pineapple.

Chef Matthew, Roddie & Casey: Brisket

3- Sauce on or dip?

The Barque Crew: Depends on the season, mood, time of day.

Chef Matthew: You can have your cake and eat it too at Barque, we have dry rubbed ribs and sauced ribs to cater to both tastes. I’m personally a fan of dry with a selection of dips on the side.

Roddie: Both! Unless you are going for a nice crisp dry rub, that’s something sacred and keep your sauce off that “barque”!

Casey: Always sauce ON! Smoking the meats with the sauce adds infuses the flavours and makes the final result extra tasty.

4- One thing nobody knows about Barque?

The Barque Crew: Rumour has it that at one point, Drake was turned away. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a reservation.

Chef Matthew: We’re trying our best to be on top of important food trends as well recognizing different dietary limitations. We’re currently working on a gluten-free fried chicken that hopefully makes its way to the menu.

Roddie: We run two massive smokers at capacity almost around the clock. We have one hidden at our catering kitchen that no one ever sees.

Casey: We are happy to accommodate any allergies and food preferences. You want it? We can make it!

5- One thing everybody needs to know about Barque?

The Barque Crew: We do everything we can to ensure that any guest will have the best possible experience when dining with us. We do our best to have food that can be enjoyed by individuals with a wide range of dietary restrictions. We have dedicated gluten-free deep fryers at both Barque Smokehouse as well as Barque Butcher and there are always vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

Chef Matthew: We’re a growing company with dozens of individuals that are spread across our Smokehouse, Butcher Bar, and catering facilities. The hard work and dedication of everyone involved allows us to constantly work on improving everything we do.

Roddie: It’s pronounced “BARK”

Casey: There are many different types of BBQ. While we do love authentic Southern-style BBQ, we’re not trying to duplicate it. We want to put our own twist and take on Souther BBQ and creating authentic Southern Ontario BBQ!

Come hang out with the Barque crew and our pals at Daura Damm Beer for a BBQ feast to kick off the season in smoky style! Tickets & info HERE – they’re almost all gone!


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