About Us

More meaning in a meal

Want to discover more meaning in your meal?

Want to meet the owners of the best restaurants in town? Discover the inspiration of the chefs that cook for you, the producers of your beverages and growers of your ingredients?

U-Feast is the only site that connects you to a curated list of epic dining experiences at the city’s hottest spots.

What to expect at a U-Feast experience?

Communal Dining Experiences

Each week we work with a different restaurant to curate unique  dinners, brunches and happy hour events  exclusive to U-Feast members.

Each experience features multi-course menus with off-menu dishes, curated beverage pairings and an amazing vibe. You’ll dine at communal tables, meet and learn from the chefs and beverage teams, and get a chance to meet like-minded food and drink lovers, sharing your experience with both new friends and old.

Interactive Culinary Experiences

Ever dreamed of making fresh pasta, learning knife skills from a professional chef or tasting fresh beers right from a brewmaster’s tanks? U-Feast Interactive Culinary Experiences bring you into a restaurant, bar, artisan shop, brewery, distillery or special venues to work with chefs and experts for special hands-on experiences otherwise unavailable to the public.

These experiences are made available on a recurring schedule, so you can pick a time and date that’s right for you.

How to become a U-Feaster?

U-Feast is free to join. Just browse, click, and book. Then show up hungry and feast with old friends and new. Once you’re signed-up we’ll send you the latest updates on upcoming dining experiences we’ve curated with all of the juicy details. No spam, no bullshit, just the straight goods.

How to Book?

U-Feast is fully wallet free. Discover the perfect experience for you, Book your spot through our easy to use website, and Feast on something special – food, drinks and gratuity are all included!