Corporate Events

Unique Client & Staff Dining Experiences Made Easy


Let U-Feast help you take the risk and fear
out of running an event to impress your clients & employees
Unique & Memorable Events

Unique food and drink “experiential” culinary entertainment delivered through a network of 200+ restaurants, bars and wine/spirit brands


Bookings can be made directly through the U-Feast site or by contacting our corporate concierge

No Hidden Charges or Fees

No additional charges or fees for any of our event planning services or dining experiences

Track Costs

Track your spending through our client portal that automatically debits your account for the value of each event booking

Guaranteed Pricing

Once you decide on the venue, the menu and the budget... U-Feast takes care of the rest

Additional Discounts

Up to a 15% discount available to your staff on all U-Feast Consumer Experiences as added benefit


When you don't have the resources to organize truly
memorable client & staff events

Corporate Client

Event Requirements

  • Event type
  • Group size
  • Date & time
  • Budget range
  • Curated one-of-a-kind food & drink experiences


Concierge Service

  • Pricing options
  • Partner management
  • Custom menus
  • Turnkey logistics
  • Theme choices

Venue Partners

Event Execution

  • Customer events
  • Team building
  • Chef tables
  • Wine tasting
    ...and more!

Some Of Our Restaurant Partners

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