Burmese Cuisine at Rickshaw Bar

Team U-Feast August 25, 2017 0 0

We’re teaming up with chef Noureen Feerasta, the chef/owner of Rickshaw Bar for a special evening featuring food from Mynamar (formerly, Burma). Chef Noureen recently visited Myanmar and discovered that the food that her family cooks at home and are used to eating is Burmese, where her grandfather was born.…


How Toronto’s David Lee Creates His Menu

Team U-Feast May 23, 2017 0 0

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at chef David Lee’s Nota Bene, you’ll know what an amazing experience it is.  From its friendly front of house staff, to the talented bartenders who whip up delicious cocktails to their helpful sommelier.  Dining at Nota Bene is definitely one of…


U-Feast Happy Hour at Mata with Jameson

Team U-Feast March 23, 2017 0 0

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Toronto sees line-ups at local watering holes starting at 11AM.  It’s a day where you see enough green to make you go cross-eyed. And, while drinking has become the defacto way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a lot of history behind the celebration and a…

Seder plate


The Passover Seder Reimagined by Peter Pan Bistro Chef Noah Goldberg

Team U-Feast March 21, 2017 0 0

The Passover Seder is one of the oldest annual feasts celebrated around the world. It’s meant to tell the story of the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and acknowledge the privilege of sharing in great food and wine with those important to you, while acknowledging the hardships…