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Joanne Kates releases her annual Top 100 list

Yvonne Tsui April 29, 2015 0 0

While she’s retired her former column as the resident food critic at the Globe and Mail, loyal readers still look to Kates as the mama bear on where the best restaurants are.  Having had 38 years under her belt, she made the move back in 2012 to Post City Magazine, where she reviews 2 restaurants a month and is also a contributing blogger.

Her annual Top 100 Restaurants, released in May since 2010, is a lengthy process that begins in December, with a review of the previous year’s list.  After 4 months of eating out and hundreds of hours spent on research and writing – the annual list is ready.

This year’s list sees Rob Gentile’s Buca empire nabbing 3 of the top 10 spots with Buca, Bar Buca and Buca Yorkville.  No doubt reservations will be virtually unavailable for the next 3 months. Scaramouche maintains its position at #2 while Bar Isabel and Edulis do a switcharoo (Edulis having moved up one).

New to the list this year at #6 is Boralia, the restaurant that took a rather ballsy move to open up shop on the Ossington Strip, serving up a menu of foods inspired by “the historic origins of Canadian cuisine.”  After Keriwa Café‘s rather short-lived run, we’re glad Boralia made it.  The menu pays hommage to traditional Aboriginal dishes and recipes of early settlers and immigrants from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Byblos, the Mediterranean restaurant from Charles Khabouth’s empire has also taken a major leap to nab #7, up from #23 last year. In addition, Patria and NAO have also made the list putting the Khabouth empire head-to-head with the Buca empire in terms of most spots nabbed.

We’re also excited to see that Craig Harding, the chef in our upcoming U-Feast Tuesdays series has made Kates’ Top 100 list, proving that Toronto may still know good food when they eat it.

See the complete list here, and start making some dinner plans.


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