How Toronto’s David Lee Creates His Menu

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at chef David Lee’s Nota Bene, you’ll know what an amazing experience it is.  From its friendly front of house staff, to the talented bartenders who whip up delicious cocktails to their helpful sommelier.  Dining at Nota Bene is definitely one of the city’s best experiences.  We get to ask chef David Lee about how he comes up with his creative menus and what his favourite Spring ingredients are!
What is the first step to creating a new menu? 
To see what is in season and locally available.
Do you prepare very differently when planning a menu for the restaurant versus an individual event?
I think we take the same steps – see what’s in season, and then work from there.
When preparing menus with a wine component do you usually focus on the wine first and then create the food to match or the other way around?
We focus on the wine first and then create the menu to compliment it.
What’s your favourite part about the spring season?
Seeing all of the different ingredients starting to appear. Everything comes alive – it’s a nice transition after a long winter.
Do you have any particular favourite spring ingredients?
White asparagus, and wild ramps.
Sum up your cooking ethos in a couple of sentences.
Keep it seasonal, keep it local and work with the absolute best ingredients. Every good dish starts with quality ingredients, it’s that simple.

Join us on May 31st to experience chef David Lee’s beautiful creations and clink glasses with Henry of Pelham’s winemaker, Matthew Speck for our Spring Winemaker’s Dinner featuring a multi-course spread and wine pairings.  Menu and details here.


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