U-Feast Chef’s Table, A New Kind of Dining

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When U-Feast started 2 years ago we had an only child, our Communal Dining Experiences. Each communal feast takes place at a restaurant for one-night-only, where the chef prepares something truly unique and exciting.  As amazing as these are, we realize that because our Communal Dining Experiences take place on specific dates and times that some people are missing out!

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We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our family, U-Feast Chef’s Table. Think of these as the little sister.  Our chef’s tables still come with the U-Feast promise of an expertly curated experience, plus great food and drink, but with the perk of being able to choose your own date, time, group size and adventure! This means you get access to off-menu dining experiences that no one else in the restaurant has. It’s like a “secret menu” that only U-Feasters hold the key to!

U-Feast Chef’s Table Experiences are perfect for those who are

✓  Looking for something new to try

✓  Have busy schedules and want guaranteed reservations

✓  Hate the disappointment of a meal that’s “just ok”

The U-Feast team of food industry experts has handpicked all of our restaurant partners and chefs, collaborating with each one to come up with 20+ Chef’s Table experiences that you can book virtually every night of the week. They’re a great idea for date nights, catching up with friends, or adventuring into something new that you’ve never tried before. We’re constantly uploading new experiences so check back often when making your dining plans.

Here’s What some U-Feasters have to say about their Chef’s Table experience
(*No joke – these are REAL testimonials provided anonymously through our feedback surveys*)

“Thanks for putting this experience together. I work around the corner from Farmhouse Tavern and I had no idea about their pig head dinner for two until I saw it on U-feast.”
Pig Head Dinner @ Farmhouse Tavern

“Chefs are the new rock stars, and getting to spend a bunch of time with one is a great experience.”
Cheese Master Tasting & Tour with Chef Afrim Pristine @ Cheese Boutique

“This was a birthday surprise for my son and he was bowled over. Such a great experience for a group. Thank you for making the event so special.”
A Trip Through Land and Sea @ East Thirty-Six

“If every restaurant is as caring, fun and has that level of attention to detail I’d exclusively use U-Feast to book my meals/dinners.”
Modern Japanese Tapas @ Hapa Izakaya


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